How Appointments Are Scheduled

Dr. Hissong assigns 15  minutes to a routine office visit.  Patients with more than one medical problem are assigned 15-30 minutes.  Complete physicals and counseling usually take more time and can vary from 15 minutes (for a child) to one hour according to complexity.

There are some ways you can help the office -help yourself- and help all the other patients as well.

First, if you must cancel an appointment, you are required to do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Secondly, if you have a particularly difficult problem, or one that you feel will require more than a routine visit’s time, let the office know when you phone for an appointment.

Third, for complete physical exams, we need to know your past medical and surgical history, past hospitalizations, family medical history, present social and emotional state or problem, and consumption habits (e.g., drugs, cigarettes, etc.).  We also need to know each of your present complaints, what aggravates or improves it, the frequency and how long it lasts.  If you spend a little time going over this, even writing it down, before you come to the office, it will save your time and the doctor’s.  Dr. Hissong will be happy to give you the time you want and need.

Telephoning the Office; this is for

  1. making appointments
  2. helping you decide if you need an appointment
  3. answering simple questions


Dr. Hissong has specially trained her assistants to recognize medical problems that necessitate an office visit.  Please rely on them to do this, as the doctor does.  Be sure to explain to the office staff the essence of your problem.  The staff can answer simple questions that do not involve medical advice.

Unless a call is most urgent, please confine it to the regularly scheduled office hours.