Welcome to Dr. Hissong’s Medical Home

It is our hope that whenever you are in our office or communicating with us you will feel at home and have a pleasant experience.  Our purpose is to serve you and to work with you to help you with any health issues.

If this is your first time visiting our site, we recommend visiting the following pages to learn more about Dr. Hissong, our practice, and our goals for your care:

  1. Is Family Medicine the specialty for you?

    Learn more here.

  2. We pride ourselves in being a patient-centered Medical Home.  What does that mean? Click here.
  3.  “Who is Dr. Hissong?”

    “Will I like her?”

    “Will she and her staff take good care of me?”

    These are the types of questions most people ask themselves as they select a new doctor. We hope the information we have provided about our mission, Dr. Hissong, and our staff  help answer your questions.

Of course, you are always welcome to call us and speak to us directly.  We are happy to answer questions and be at your service.


Dr. Hissong & Staff